Interesting Fact About Bees

1- The honey bee has been around 30 millions of years. 
2- There are over 12000 species of bees.

Fact About Bees
3- Bees have two stomachs - one stomach for eating and the other special stomach is for storing nectar collected from flowers or water so that they can carry it back to their hive. 
4- Worker bees are the smallest bees in the colony.
5- Bees cannot recognize the color red.

 6- The honey bee's wings stroke incredibly fast, about 200 beats per second, thus making their famous, distinctive buzz. A honey bee can fly for up to six miles, and as fast as 15 miles per hour.
7- Honey bees communicate with one another by "dancing".  
8- Do you know that Queen bees lay nearly 1500 eggs a day and live for up to 2 years?
9- The queen is the only sexually developed female in the hive.
10- In the course of her lifetime, a worker bee will produce 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey.
11-  A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honeybees and one queen.
12- It is the only insect that produces food eaten by man. 


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