Interesting Fact About Wolf Spider

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Wolf Spider

1- Lycosa godeffroyi is the most common spider found easily in the gardens and homes. Lycosa Godeffroyi is also known as Wolf Spider Because they catch the pray the same way. They do not make a web for themselves and live on the ground.
2- As per other spiders the Wolf Spider have eight legs; Males have extra pair near the mouth to hold sperms.
3- They have eight pairs of eyes; four pairs of small eyes to help them see in the night, two pairs of big eyes to look in front and two pairs of medium sized eye placed on the top to see.
4- A disk is located at the back of their eyes that enables them to see at night.
5- They eat varieties of insects but are found of crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers and houseflies
6- When it comes to hunting the wolf spiders either stalk their prey or attack them suddenly. They learn of their prey through their movement on the ground or the buzzing of their wings.
7- Female spider carries almost hundred of eggs in a sac and exposes them to sunlight also. When the eggs hatch the spider lings catch a hair on the mother's body and stay this way for a week and then disperse.
8- The wolf spiders do not attack unless provoked. Their bites are not dangerous but at times it causes swellings, irritations, nausea and headache.


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