Top 10 Mosques of the world (Baitul Mukarram)- 9th

Baitul Mukarram
Baitul Mukarram is the national mosque of Bangladesh. Located at the heart of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, the mosque was completed in 1968.The mosque has a capacity of 30,000, giving it the respectable position of being the 10th biggest mosque in the world.
However the mosque is constantly getting overcrowded. This especially occurs during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which has resulted in the Bangladeshi government having to add extensions to the mosque, thus increasing the capacity to at least 40,000.

Location                     Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh
Established               1960
Branch/tradition    Deobandi
Administration        Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh
Ownership                 Government
Leadership                Imam(s):
                                       Maulana Salahuddin
Architect(s)              Abdul Hussain Thariani
Style                            Islamic architecture
Capacity                    40,000


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