Interesting Facts about Snakes

Fact about Reptiles
1- There are over 3000 kinds of snake in the world.
2- Snakes have poor eyesight, and so have heat censors that can pick up vibrations.
3- One species of fer-DE-lance, a deadly viper, has been recorded swallowing prey that was 1.6 times its own body weight.

4- Snakes hear through their jaws.
5- Snakes rely on the heat of the sun to control their body temperature.  
6- Black Mamba is the world most poisonous snake.
7-Black Mamba could kill 100 people with a single bite.
8- Snakes can sleep for three years without eating.
9- Spitting cobras actually spray their venom from their fangs, with quick muscular contractions that can send their toxin up to three meters away. Worse still, they'll be aiming at your eyes when they do it.

10- The paradise tree-snake of South-east Asia can 'fly' through the air by flattening its body into an s-shaped ribbon.

11- Many snakes are only too happy to gobble each other up. Some, such as the ravenous California King-snake, like nothing more than to feast upon others of their own species.
12- The venom of a cobra could kill an elephant.
13- The swiftest snake on land is the Black Mamba, a notorious African monster that can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. And they're amongst the most deadly too.
14- Baby snakes are often more dangerous than their parents. While adults carefully ration out their venom, a baby snake lacks such self-control and will unleash a much higher dose of venom in its bite.
15- A dead rattlesnake can still bite if you get too close. The snake's heat sensors remain active until rigor mortise is complete, a day or more later. Placing a warm object, such as your hand, near the snake's mouth will still cause it to have a go!


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